Time & Place

Chenango Valley State Park Golf Course each Tuesday evening at the time assigned by the golf course. You may start play as soon as your foursome is ready. A forfeit may be claimed if the opposition fails to appear by 45 minutes after the assigned time providing no previous notification was given. See rule about forfeited points. Please be as prompt as possible.

Greens Fees & Dues

Greens fees will be paid by individual players in the clubhouse.  Dues are $30 and are NOT REFUNDABLE.   They are due the first week played.

League Winner

The team having the most points at the end of the season will be acclaimed the league winner, the next place being the runner-up. All awards will be given out at the End-of- Season tournament. This includes skins money.

Number of Matches

Each team will play each of the other teams at least once and with at least one position round the last week. A position round means that the first place team plays the second place team and so on according to the standings at the time. There may be more than one position round if time permits. About half way through the season there may be a mid-season tournament.

Rules of Play

U.S.G.A. Rules (stroke play) will govern all play except where modified by the Chenango Valley State Park Golf Course rules, as indicated on the back of the score card, and as modified by Bearcat League rules as follows:

  1. Winter rules: Will be played throughout the season. On the hole you are playing only, the ball may be moved one (1) foot in any direction, except that it may not be placed closer to the hole. If the ball is behind a tree or any other natural obstacle, the ball SHALL NOT be moved for the sole purpose of obtaining a better line of sight. However, if at any time the majority of the members in the league vote to play Summer rules, the rule will apply to all members.
  2. Tees to play: Everyone under 65 years of age must use the white tees.  Hole # 8 exception, everyone under 65 years of age must use the blue tees.  Players 65 and over may play the gold tees on all holes.  If the gold tees don’t exist then play 5 yards behind the reds.  Once you start using the gold tees, you must continue for the rest of the season. (No flip flopping from white tees to gold tees).
  3. Unplayable Lie: Drop ball on fairway – one stroke penalty
  4. Lost Ball: There are two choices:
    1. If you think your ball may be lost, you may hit a ‘provisional’ ball from the original spot. There is a one-stroke penalty, you are now hitting three. If the first ball is found, you must play the first ball.
    2. Drop the ball in the fairway approximately where the first ball was lost, one stroke penalty.  NOTE: When the fairway is wet and soggy at the early part of the season or at any time after a rainy spell, a lost ball in the fairway may be replaced on a dry spot (no closer to the hole) with no Penalty.

NOTE: Gentlemen’s Golf Agreement: If your ball lands on rocks or tree roots, the ball may be moved to a playable spot, but no closer to the hole and without a better line or angle to the green. Do not improve lie from woods or rough.

  1. Lateral Hazard: Any areas staked with red stakes are considered lateral hazards. If the ball is found and deemed unplayable then put ball in play at where it crossed the hazard line. Penalty is one stroke. If the ball is not found, then the lost ball rule is in effect.
  2. Water Hazard:  The ponds are considered to be water hazards. There are three choices:
    1. If your ball goes into a water hazard, you may play another from the original spot. One stroke penalty.
    2. If your ball goes into a water hazard and you think that you can play it as it lies, you may do so at your own risk. No penalty.
    3. If your ball goes into a water hazard, instead of going back to the place where you last played, you may drop a ball as close to the same line in which it went into the hazard. Or play from the ball drop area if available. One stroke penalty.
  3. Ball ‘Out of Bounds’: There are two choices:
    1. Second ball placed down at the original place of the first ball, one stroke penalty.
    2. Second ball placed down at the point at which the first ball went out of bounds, up to 2 club lengths from edge of fairway, not where it came to rest. One stroke penalty.

Actual Score

Put your actual score on the score card. The handicap is based on weekly matches.


The secretary will publish the results of play, player’s handicaps, team standings and skins on a weekly basis to the league website. The secretary will also interpret and make decisions on the rules and disputes not covered by U.S.G.A., local and league rules.


All league members and their substitutes will be eligible to win $3 for each skin.   Skins are covered by league dues and will be awarded at the end of the season.  To be eligible for a skin you must play the night of the scheduled match.

There will also be an optional skins competition for anyone wishing to participate.

  1. Optional for anyone wishing to participate.  This is in addition to the regular league skins ($3).
  2. Cost is $5 per week, and will start on week 2.
  3. Once you sign up, you are in for the entire time (a total of 15 weeks starting from the second week of the season and running until the end of the season). You are not permitted to join or drop out after signing up.
  4. Payment of $75 will be due to Mike Matt prior to the start of week 2.  The $75 covers the 15 weeks ($5 x 15 weeks), and will not include the first week of the league, the Captain and Mate tournament, or the end of the year tournament.  There will be no skins paid for these weeks.
  5. No one will be allowed to sign up after the start of week 2.
  6. To be eligible for a skin you must play the night of the scheduled match.
  7. If you miss a week, then the substitute filling in for you is eligible to win the skin that week.
  8. Skins will be paid the following week from the weekly pot. The pot will be determined by the number of participants x $5.  If no skins are won in a week, the money will be rolled over into the following week’s pot, and the pots will continue to roll over until a skin (or skins) are won, i.e, all tie (no skin paid for the hole).
  9. All skins will be paid from the weekly pot (including roll over money). For example, if the pot is $100, then one skin that week would pay $100, 2 skins would pay $50 to each golfer, 3 skins would pay $33 to each player, and so on.
  10. Finally, payouts will be rounded down to the whole dollar, and the change will be rolled into next week’s pot. For example, if the pot is $100 and there are 3 skins, each player will get $33, and $1 will be rolled into the next pot, which would then be $101.

Score Cards

Completed score cards at the end of the match shall be submitted to the Secretary at the completion of the night’s match.  Ensure that the card is passed to a league member.


All players are encouraged to find replacements from the list of substitutes, if they are unable to appear for a scheduled match. Two substitutes may be used. If a substitute is not found, the match may proceed with one player. The match will be scored with the single player vs each member of the team. The average will be taken for the final match score. Under no circumstances may the team with only one player win more than 26 points.


If one team fails to appear at the golf course for their match 45 minutes after the assigned start of the league without having notified the opposing team of their plight, the team shall play their assigned 9 and be awarded 26 points. The missing team will receive no points.


The Secretary may post a handicap sheet on the starter shack listing opponents and handicaps.

  1. Scorecard setup: Before starting matches, the lowest player’s handicap will be subtracted from those of the other three and the resultant strokes given on the holes corresponding to the score card handicap allowance.
  2. Point Scoring: Play will be ‘Best Ball-low Aggregate’, with one point for each scored on each hole, for a total of 36 points for nine holes. Each team receives a 1 point in the case of a tie. Thus, on a given hole a team could score 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 points.
  3. Handicapping: Handicaps shall be based upon 80% of the difference between par and the player’s average. For handicapping purposes only, individual scores will be limited to the following maximum allowed score:

Par 3 – 5
Par 4 – 7
Par 5 – 8

These above maximums will not be used for scoring individual holes during a match, use actual number of strokes.

  1. Average: The last seven matches will be used for determining the player’s handicap. First week’s score will determine the season’s first handicap.


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A RAINOUT — However, should the occasion arise, the match will be called by the secretary at tee time if the conditions warrant it, and mid match if the course cancels play. League play cancelled due to weather will result in that match to be played at the end of the season before the final position round.

  1. If no team has completed at least 5 holes, the play shall be considered cancelled and will be replayed the following week.
  2. If play starts, for those teams having not completed 5 or more holes, the match will fill in their remaining un-played holes with the max adjusted for that hole. This will not be factored into player’s average for subsequent matches.