August 15th -Rained out

Next Up:

August 22nd- Replay Week 14: Front Side

The timing of the band of rain that went through Tuesday night was certainly unfortunate.

The groups that toughed out the rain and finished their rounds are to be commended!

Several groups didn’t finish, and that is understandable based on the conditions.  I’m not sure if you can get a rain check, you’ll have to check in the club house.  Keep your receipt and show it next week, it might be worth something.

There is no fair way to score the round as “complete” for everyone when the skins game is taken into consideration, so all the matches on Tuesday August 15 are being ruled as “Rained Out” and will be replayed again on August 22nd.

The overall schedule will push out 1 more week.  The final league night will now be September 19th.  The Sun sets at 7:05 on the 19th, so everyone should try to tee off a little early on the final night.